Lebanese heritage month: can Ottawa stop dividing us into “tribes”, please, with a heritage month for each group?

It is usually a lovely and noble idea to celebrate everyone’s cultural heritage, perhaps especially when we have a shared “glue” bringing us together.

However, when it comes to today’s Canada, we do not seem to be simply “Canadians” anymore. Indeed, as Ms. Emmanuelle Latraverse expressed it well in Le Journal de Montréal (https://shorturl.at/cjyA7), a few days ago in an article about New Brunswick specifically and about Canada in general, we are now “Italian-Canadians, Afro-Canadians, Indo-Canadians. We are white, black, female, refugee, disabled, 2SLGBTQI+, as if each label grants extra points in the diversity lottery”.

Ms. Latraverse is referring to what looks like the diversity-obsessed (secular) religion of the official Canada. A religion, not only endorsed by our federal government, but also imposed on us, from the top down, whether we like it or not.

To understand the above in more depth, Dr. Bruce Pardy’s article, published in the National Post, is a very informative reading (https://shorturl.at/vxKQ5), regardless of whether you will agree with it or not. Of course, Pardy’s thoughtful text is meant for those of us who are still interested in thinking (before conforming). Thanks to him for the explanation. Thanks also to all the readers who wrote thoughtful comments (luckily comments were welcome). The latter show us that our collectively insane and intolerant times are no longer funny. Can we just have our unified country back, please?

Instead of unity and reason, we now have to live with, and at times economically, professionally, and socially survive, the excesses of this institutionalized, dogmatized, and highly divisive practice of identity-politics: a form of modern sectarianism called sugar-coated names like diversity, equity, and inclusion. Of course, almost in every sector of society (education, health, federal research funding agencies, banking, politics, unions, legal and other professional, associations arts, private sector, etc.), we claim to celebrate all diversities, that is of this or that group; yet we sadly ignore individual intellectual diversity. Indeed, we seem to only be expected to be trapped (and trap others) into identities and/or sub-identities. Plus, who said we should all repeat the same religious mantra like that? Why do we do it? And where are we heading with all this divisiveness?

In our aspiration to supposedly collectively honour this or that group, how sad it is to “forget” about the richness of each unique individual. Instead, we seem to insist on putting others (and they put us, in return) into boxes with a certain label. Sadly, we seem to be increasingly forgetting about our shared humanity. She does not know about you, but in Bambi’s mind, pluralism that does not welcome intellectual diversity and individual creativity is not a genuine one, despite any noble intentions.

With all the above in mind and into context, The House of Commons of Canada recently adopted a a new act “respecting Lebanese Heritage Month“, which will be the month of November. Indeed, this bill received royal assent on June 20, 2023 (https://shorturl.at/cnDFT). Similar heritage months exist for all groups: Asian, Filipino, Italian, Arab, Jewish, etc.

Bambi is usually not a social kill-joy in life. On the contrary, not only she is for the live and let live, she loves everyone. Yes, she loves to celebrate people’s rich individuality. She adores cultural or other events where she can meet new people, discover new food, dance, chat, etc. As you can guess, from reading this blog, she is VERY proud of her Lebanese heritage while knowing how/when to thank Canada when it supports her birth country. Yet, this time, she wants to say no, thank you, Ottawa. We do NOT need another flag and another month heritage celebration, even if it is the turn of the Lebanese one from now on (every November of every year).

Regardless of our respective group heritage, it is about time to come together, all of us as Canadians, in order to celebrate our shared humanity, shared values, and… shared love for Canada.

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  1. The melting pot policy is not applicable in Canada !! Meanwhile each community stick to their own and practice their own culture.

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