Mr. Johnny Hallyday: although the “French Elvis” died six years ago, his legacy is eternal

Luckily great music is immortal!

Like today, in 2017, the French and international Rock icon, Mr. Johnny Hallyday, died at at age 74. Although he left our world, he remains in the hearts of his fans, including those of Bambi, her family, and many of her friends. May his memory be eternal.

Hallyday’s impressive career lasted for over fifty years ( Thank Goodness, his musical legacy will remain immortal.

To honour Mr. Hallyday’s memory, Bambi will share Youtube videos of his performance in both French and English. Some of the chosen French songs are sub-titled in English, for your convenience. You will hear him singing Brel, Ferré, Cossette, Piaf, Bonifay (Souvenirs, souvenirs followed by its English version), and Aznavour with an English duo with this late GREAT singer-songwriter.

To conclude this post, Bambi admits to being selfish. She chose songs she happens to adore, without thinking if they were Hallyday’s own melodies. Indeed, she started with her favourite French love song, Brel’s Ne me Quitte Pas (which later led to the “If you Go Away” song in English). She hopes you will enjoy listening to Hallyday’s unique voice and amazing performance, whether you happen to be his fan too or you are discovering him postmortem.

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