Kids United: would you like to sing for your life with their “Chante” [Sing, with English sub-titles]?

Sing for your life and for your loved ones’ lives!

Bambi offered Mr. Michel Fugain’s joyful “Chante” song to Doudou, her brother-in-law for his birthday last April, as per the post shown further below. Today, she came across the same song on YouTube, but with English sub-titles. She would like to offer this same song first to Doudou’s entire family now. Yes to everyone (including Dino, the cutest kitten), but ESPECIALLY to his lovely and inspiring wife, Roula ❤️ :). Last but not least, she will also dedicate the song to each one of you, dear readers. She wishes you all a nice day (or evening?). May the latter be filled with simple pleasures and, of course, with hope for more beautiful days ahead!

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