Do you enjoy singing?

I love hearing people singing!

In life, a few of us are blessed with beautiful voices. Thankfully, the rest of us have ears to appreciate their talents. Regardless, whether done accurately, nicely, or not at all (like frogs, including Bambi), we can all sing; of course, if we like it.

Indeed, some people sing spontaneously, like little kids; often out of joy or when listening to songs. Yet others sing more professionally to earn a living while making many others happy. Some sing or whistle out of fear. Some sing for fun while driving or in the shower. Others put kids [or even themselves :)] to sleep with songs. Some sing their feelings to their loved ones and make their hearts melt. Of course, we can sing in spiritual services for our deceased loved ones (hello dear “tante” Renée on your 40-day-memorial today). Of course, thankfully, we can sing a little prayer for them in our homes from far away. Yes, there are too many reasons to sing for life, on earth or eternal, and for love and friendship. Just like those talented “Kids United, Lou, Nemo Schiffman, Angie Robba, Dylan, Ilyana, Thibault” singing Mr. Michel Sardou’s beautiful “En Chantant” [Singing] song.

This older French song starts with the following words: “When I was a little boy, I went over my lessons while singing. And many years later I chased away my dark thoughts singing. It’s much less worrisome to talk about the bad weather while singing. And it’s so much cuter to be treated like a jerk in songs” [Quand j’étais petit garçon, je repassais mes leçons en chantant. Et bien des années plus tard, Je chassais mes idées noires en chantant. C’est beaucoup moins inquiétant de parler du mauvais temps en chantant. Et c’est tellement plus mignon de se faire traiter de con en chanson.”].

Of note, in this melody’s lyrics, there is one meaningful sentence that goes like this:”Life is more fun, it’s less depressing while singing” [“La vie c’est plus marrant, c’est moins déprimant en chantant“]. Indeed, singing helps us release more endorphins (our brains’ natural pain relievers) and oxytocin (with its main function of facilitating childbirth. There is a reason it has been called the “love hormone“). Singing can be a natural anti-depressant, which may reduce feelings of loneliness. Solo and especially group singing leave people feeling not just relaxed and happy, but also connected (

Bearing the above in mind, with or without singing, may you all have a good day. If your day is not the most joyful, at least it will end and tomorrow is a new start. Regardless of a specific day in the larger scheme of life, Bambi wishes you peace of mind, fun, and love… Yes, from self-love and self-respect to love/respect for others, big L, small L if this is what you wish, and to love in all its colours and shapes.

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