Singing for happiness

May you all be happy!

This morning, Bambi came across Mr. Victor Hugo’s beautiful saying from Les Misérables, which goes like this: “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise“.

Tonight, she does not want to go to sleep, at the end of this long day, without sharing Mr. Gérard Lenorman eternal song about “Happy people“. It is sub-titled in both French and English, for your convenience.

Yes, even the happiest people find themselves navigating “the darkest night“; at times, they may even forget that the sun will end up rising, as it always does. Mr. Lenorman’s song is for them and for you, whether you consider yourself a happy person, regardless of your reasons for the latter.

To conclude this brief musical post, our times may seem to be collectively insane (at least from the point of view of deer). They can be quite harsh too, perhaps on some of us more than on others. The unknown can be frightening, especially if we lose sight of the hope of the rising sun. Yet, despite any fear, most of us keep sleeping, smiling, dreaming, hoping for the best, and aspiring to keep ourselves as well as our loved ones happy. If we are struggling to function in our daily lives, we can always reach out for help. Happiness is a skill, which can be learned… Thankfully.

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