Rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon: Why are we playing with the fire of war?!

It is supposed to be an overlapping time of spirituality, not of violence: Ramadan, Passover, and (the first) Easter. When will I finally succeed in warming everyone’s hearts with love and peace?

According to L’Orient Today, Mr. Antonio Guterres, the “UN chief condemns rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon, calls for ‘restraint’ ” (

In the media article cited above, Bambi read the following: “Israel has accused Palestinian groups of firing rockets from Lebanon on the Jewish Passover holiday, which coincides with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan this year, just over a day after clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians inside Islam’s third-holiest site”.

Enough of dangerous escalation in the region… and hands off Lebanon, please. It already has TOO many crises, including an economic tragedy and a political vacuum.

Let people enjoy Ramadan, Passover, and Easter. Whatever happened in Jerusalem is sad, but increasing the spot of sadness to an entire region is not the most brilliant idea that will solve conflicts and bring justice. It will rather bring blood, tears, and more conflicts.

Lebanon has paid a huge price for this eternal, unfortunate, and unfair Israel-Palestinian conflict. It does not need to be re-dragged into war again.

May restraint succeed. May violence stop. May peace prevail. May ONLY love have the final word in the Middle East and everywhere, that is in ALL current and future armed conflicts of the entire world.

To end this post in music, it will be Ms. Christiane Najjar’s soothing voice singing Fairouz’ prayer Wa Habibi [My love, Jesus] at the eve of the Good Friday. May the latter bring love to people’s hearts and faith in humanity, whether they are Christians or not, believers or not, whatever… may it just bring love, forgiveness, unity, and diplomacy to solve and prevent the world’s problems.

Happy Holy Friday to Bambi’s readers who will highlight Good Friday ❤️.

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