Eighty months since the Beirut port blast: isn’t it sad when hope for justice seems to fade?

While driving on the New Brunswick Trans-Canada highway yesterday, Bambi listened to music and sang to songs of different languages and themes. One of these melodies was Fairuz’ famous Li Beirut song, which brought tears to her eyes. Indeed, she could not help not to think of all the tragedies in her birthplace throughout history.

One of Beirut’s surrealistic yet still unaccountable recent tragedies of criminal neglect was its port blast, which caused 218 deaths (including toddlers), 7500 injuries, 300, 000 homeless people, 150+ permanently disabled individuals, including children who lost their eyes, over 3/4 of destruction in the Lebanese capital, 4 hospitals totally destroyed, US$15, 000, 000, 000 worth of damage, trauma of that doomed August 4, 2020, and massive migration around the world, including Canada.

May the memory of Beirut’s innocent victims be eternal. As a musical tribute to all of them, this post will feature Li Beirut with Mr. Omar Kamal’s soothing voice. The Youtube video shown below includes beautiful pictures of the Lebanese capital.

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