Have you played the fool today?

Keep your sense of humour, not just on April 1st!

Bambi loves April Fool or All Fool’s Day since her childhood!

Of course, there are vivid memories of a little fish on her back and/or on the back of he loved ones. Silly jokes that became more sophisticated with time. Yes, a serious training to become a better “liar” (not Bambi’s specialty in life) from year to year.

After 50 years of yearly training, does it work now? Well, the answer is again with her loved ones :). Some are already awake. Others are still sleeping. More jokes in store for them!

What about you? Do you like to have fun in life? Do you make fun of yourself when you make a mistake? Or do you take yourself too seriously? Do you tease others? Do you take serious matters like your problems with a grain of salt… and humour?

Anyhow, Bambi feels like playing today more than ever. She has a 24-hour-excuse to come up with either clever or completely silly jokes. Watch out! One of them that crossed her mind was to write that she will be taking a 6-month-sabbatical leave from her blog. However, she knows how clever you are. You would have never believed her. Bravo to you :)!

Last but not least, before diving more into this fun day, Bambi wants to pause to send a friendly wink to heaven to her childhood friend Soha ❤️! “Sousou”, it would have been your birthday today; each year Bambi jokes for the two of us. She will always cherish our colourful stories from this day, even during a bloody civil war. May your memory be eternal. May people keep laughing on your birthday. Thank you for being Bambi’s source of inspiration and motivation to keep having fun.

To conclude this light post, Bambi thanks you for being the “dear” readers of this “deer’s blog”. Happy April Fool to each one of you! Bon amusement et… vive le poisson d’avril!

4 thoughts on “Have you played the fool today?”

  1. Happy April Fools!!!
    Adorable Bambi!!
    I love your thoughtful and yet cheerful post.
    I can imagine Soussou looking from above with a big smile on her face:)
    Much love to beautiful you❤️❤️❤️
    Enjoy the day!!

    1. Ooh Zeina, Bambi’s habibi and sister too (not just, Sousou’s sister)! ??? Thank you for your kind words: You are the adorable one! Yes, what a lovely image of Sousou looking from above and smiling :). MUCH love back to you and warm regards to you family ?! Enjoy April Fools’ Day too!!

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