Ms. Céline Dion: Happy Birthday!

Ms. Céline Dion, you have been on Bambi’s mind since December 9, 2022 (post shown further below).

In about three hours from now, it will be March 30 in Atlantic Canada.

March 30 is your birthday!

Bambi would like to wish you a happy one, hoping you are doing well; as good as possible under the circumstances.

May you have a Beautiful Birthday. May you have a wonderful time with your children and loved ones!

Thank you for having been a source of inspiration with your voice, talent, authenticity, sense of family and people, discipline, drive, perspective in life, and your humble attitude despite your monumental international success.

“Notre chère Céline, c’est à ton tour de te laisser parler d’amour” ❤️!

One thought on “Ms. Céline Dion: Happy Birthday!”

  1. Hopefully Céline will not be served disappointing portions of flavourless smoked meat and still frozen rye bread like I was at her restaurant.

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