Picture of the day: Lebanon’s two time zones fiasco

A picture taken from L’Orient Le Jour

One song goes with this picture, which is interpreted by a talented singer called Ms. Carole Aoun. The song is about the unity of the Lebanese people. It comes from a famous play by the Rahbani Brothers entitled “Sayf 840″ [“Summer of 840″]. This refers to the year 1840 where Lebanese Lords joined forces in a revolution against the Ottoman Empire in order to fight corruption and unfairness. The lyrics of this song are powerful and they go as follows:

To my martyred friend

To my homeless people

We will meet again

We will unite again

This is my promise to you, my imprisoned people”.

One thought on “Picture of the day: Lebanon’s two time zones fiasco”

  1. This is Bambi commenting on her own post. Thanks to her sister Rania for informing her that the caretaker Cabinet has decided to reinstate daylight saving time at midnight of the forthcoming Wednesday-Thursday.

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