Nature’s magic: Brittany’s sunrise in NB and Hala’s sunset in Lebanon!

I love shining everywhere, especially on Atlantic Canada and Lebanon!

In this post, Bambi will start by thanking Brittany for sharing a stunning sunrise in New Brunswick (Canada). If you wish, you can watch the magic of nature in her backyard in the short video shown below in which you can also hear birds singing. What a lovey way to start one’s day.

Following Brittany’s video, you may wish to appreciate a superb picture of the sunset in Lebanon. Thank you Hala for sharing with us this beauty in the horizon of the Mediterranean sea, which you captured from your own balcony… or “cloud”, as you joke. Yes, the cloud of beauty and humanity; despite any bankruptcy or craziness.

Whether you are reading this post following a sunrise, close to a sunset or in-between (depending on your time zone), may you have a good one. To celebrate the sunshine, Bambi will end this post on a musical note with the “Sous les sunlights des tropiques“, as performed by Chico & The Gipsies. Long live the beauty in our world. May it always relax and inspire our minds!

A brief video shared by Brittany (South-East of New Brunswick, Atlantic Canada)
A picture shared by Hala (North of Beirut, Lebanon)

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