Mr. Mark Hachem: “how do you feel about winter? And how do you deal with it?”

Always here for you somewhere… If you do not see me, I am hiding behind clouds!

Do you love the winter season, like Bambi? Or are you “allergic” to it, so to speak? If so, you can rejoice now because March 21st is just around the corner. Anyhow, until the spring will officially and practically arrive, let’s keep either enjoying or coping with winter.

For some potentially amusing ways of coping, Bambi will share a three-year old short video produced by Mr. Mark Hachem & Ms. Rita Nour (Montreal, Québec, Canada), which she discovered only today. It is entitled “How to Actually Survive Winter“.

Before concluding this brief post with the video in question, she will first share with you two songs about the beauty of snow. The first is by Fairouz in Arabic. The second song is in French. It is by Mr. Salvatore Adamo’s and it is entitled “Tombe La Neige“.

Stay warm and safe everyone ❤️!

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