Happy Birthday Roula!

Happy birthday dearest Roula!

With much love, your sister wishes you a Wonderful Year filled with Love, Health, Happiness, Continuous Success, Prosperity, and Fun with your cutest kitten Dino ❤️.

This being said, Bambi wants to offer you five melodies today, the first is in Arabic, the following ones are in French, and the last piece is musical.

Your first birthday song is a must. As you can see, it is especially designed for a “Roula” (thanks to the anonymous person who posted it on YouTube).

Your second melody is by a certain Ms. Mawey. It is about the meaning of having a big sister in life.

Today’s third song is by Mr. Grégoire and it is meant to celebrate one’s childhood.

Your fourth song is sunny, thanks to Mr. Gilbert Montagné, and its meant to bring you lightness.

As for the last musical piece, it is the Greek Zorba’s dance by Mr. André Rieu et al. Mmm, Bambi will let you take a guess about its meaning :).

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Roula!”

  1. Quel beau cadeau Rima ! Tu me touches profondément sœurette.
    Tu fais partie de qui je suis, de mon enfance, de ma vie. À très bientôt j’espère ❤️

    1. Roula, tes mots me touchent profondément et je t’aime tant ❤️! You have such a big heart that you forgave Bambi for her silliest mistake of making you one week older today. She is torn between laughing at herself and apologising. So she will do both :). Maybe she sees you so big (with much lucidity!) that she made you even wiser today :).

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