The New York Times: “Meet the Bank Robbers of Beirut”

Bambi is grateful to her friend Frank for sharing this powerful video. She watched it before closing her eyes to sleep yesterday night. Today, she wants to share it with you.

Thanks to the NYT Opinion producers… and shame on ALL those responsible for the misery of the Lebanese population.

Before leaving you with this moving video, here is a quick dramatic update from Lebanon: The Lebanese currency was trading today “at almost 90,000 to the dollar, compared to 60,000 in late January”, as per France 24 and confirmed by Bambi’s dad (

From the article above, and earlier ones by L’Orient Le Jour/Today, Bambi learned that Lebanese supermarkets will now mark prices in dollars.

As a reminder, the World Bank considered that “Lebanon food price inflation reached 332 percent year on year in June 2022, the worst in the world” ( Of note, at that time “black market traders in Lebanon” were “selling the US Dollar for 28,300 LBP and buying it for 28,400 LBP“, according to 961 (

What is next for Lebanon? And had you been in Ms. Sali Hafiz’ shoes, what would you have done for your sister who needed a critical treatment for her brain cancer?!

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