Mr. Richard Martineau: “Men, women, and others: Gender department, we are spoilt for choice…” [“Les hommes, les femmes et les autres: rayon genre, on a l’embarras du choix…]

Today, Mr. Richard Martineau published a sarcastically funny yet highly thoughtful article in the Journal de Montréal. Bambi does not want to go to bed without sharing its quick English translation, thanks to the assistance of Mr. Google Translate ( Food for thought… Of course, if you still care to think (ideally critically think), not just blindly conform.

When it comes to sexuality, I’m open.

The only thing I ask is that relationships take place between consenting adults.

If these conditions are met, mix and swing your company, as Jean-Pierre Ferland [A French-Canadian artist] sings.

Unlike our institutions and more and more companies, which want to know who their employees are sleeping with, I believe that what happens in bedrooms (or living rooms, kitchens and furnace rooms, why not) is no one’s business other than those who walk around bare buttocks.

Or with no underpants.


But a guy may be open, but there are things that are, if not difficult to swallow, at least difficult to understand.

Like all new gender names. I admit, I get lost.

I feel like a guy getting out of prison after 20 years and walking into a Starbucks to get a coffee.

I look at the menu, and I don’t understand anything.

A mocha what?

A Frappuccino who?

And what is that, pumpkin chai with almond milk?

Can I just have a coffee, please?

How were they sold back in the day?

A black, hot liquid poured into a Styrofoam glass?

It does not exist anymore?

That’s exactly how I feel (and you probably do too) with gender [les genres, in French].

Before, there was man and woman.

Now it’s like the cereal row at the Metro. You have to read the back of the box to know what you’re eating.

GENDER, you know

Here, I have a friend who sent me a screenshot of the College of Physicians website.

When a College member wants to renew their membership, they are asked if they are:

– Feminine

– Male

– Agender

– Non-conforming to a gender

– Gender fluid

– Non-binary

– Transmasculine

– Transfeminine

– Two-spirited

– Bigender

– Cisgender

– Multiple gender

– Other.

As I tell you, I am open.

Your body, your sex, your gender – perfect!

I just want to understand…

What’s the difference between “Gender Non-Conforming”, “Gender Multiple”, “Gender Fluid”, “Agender” and “Non-Binary”?

It’s not all the same thing, is it?

Looks like the Sico paint catalog. There’s ‘White’, ‘White Igloo’, ‘Mushroom Moss’, ‘Cotton Oil’, ‘Pina Colada’, ‘Fleur de Sel’ and ‘Pale Birch’.

I fixed each colour for 15 minutes, but I didn’t see any difference.

These are seven kinds of white.

One is white, and the other is… white.

But as far as I am concerned, in the College of Physicians’ list of gender, the one that intrigues me the most is “Other”.

Are there really people who do not find themselves in ANY of the categories offered? Wow!

What are they? Trigender? Flexigender?

As far as I am concerned, if you know someone who is “Other”, please introduce them to me, I want to know what they look like!


It’s still weird, isn’t it?

The wokes keep telling us they hate labels. However, they release a new label every two weeks!

It’s a gender…

P.S: If you read this post until its end and you are not “triggered” by its content, bravo to you. This means you may have perhaps learned to build a thick skin, which is an asset in life. If you are too offended, perhaps you want to re-consider visiting this blog. Regardless of your final decision, Bambi welcomes you while wishing you all the best in your life… and bedroom too.

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