Mr. Nicola Ciccone: thanks for singing the masterpieces of your fellow Canadian artists with sensitivity and much talent

Thankfully, Canada has incredibly gifted artists, like Mr. Nicola Ciconne, who interpret Ms. Ginette Reno’ and Mr. Daniel Lavoie’ famous songs in a such a beautiful way. The lyrics of the two songs featured in this post are in French.

The first song reminds us of the most essential in life and yes it is love. It is simply “the little efforts we make that really count“. An example is “when someone calls our name in such a way that sounds genuine and kind“.

The second song evokes a love between two people trapped in a hostile world. Think of all the violence and the threats. Think of hate. Think of indifference or exploitation. Yet, these two lovers seek to overcome all the latter through their pure and most genuine love; yes, “they love each other like children, despite the look of despair and the statistics, they love each other like children”. As the songs keeps going: “They are the children of the bomb, of disasters, of the rumbling threat”… yet, “they are armed to the teeth”.

As for you dear Mr. Nicola Ciconne, please keep singing and sharing your talent with the world!

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