Dr. Karim Émile Bitar to France 24: “Beirut blast investigation: ‘We are witnessing the complete collapse of our entire judicial system'”

Dr. Karim Émile Bitar wears several academic and expert hats. He is an Associate Professor of International Relations at Lebanon’s Université Saint-Joseph (USJ), an Associate Fellow at the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP), a Research Associate at Brussels’ Institut Medea, an Associate Research Fellow at the Institute for International and Strategic Affairs in Paris (IRIS). He is also a Professor of International Relations and of History of Political Thought at many French Grandes Écoles. He regularly testifies before the Foreign Affairs Committees of the French and European Parliaments. Professor Bitar graduated from prestigious universities in Paris and Canada, including McGill University. In addition to Law, he studied Administration, Economics, and International Relations. He knows what he is talking about when he warns us that: “We are witnessing the complete collapse of our entire judicial system“. Is anyone hearing from the international community and… what is next for Lebanon?!

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