Beirut blast investigation: Bambi stands in FULL solidarity with Judge Tarek Bitar!

Bambi would like to thank her friend Leila for kindly attracting her attention to this SHOCKING, yet not surprising, development from out of Beirut.

Below is Al Jazeera brief video explaining this development in English with the following YouTube text: “Lebanon’s top prosecutor on Wednesday filed charges against the judge investigating the Beirut port blast, a judicial source said, and ordered the release of all those detained in connection with the port explosion. Ghassan Oweidat’s decision signals escalating opposition by Lebanon’s ruling class to efforts by Judge Tarek Bitar to resume investigations into the 2020 blast after a 13-month break. Aya Majzoub is the deputy director for the middle east at Amnesty International. She joins us from Beirut to discuss the latest update”.

But first here is what will happen in Beirut in a few hours: thank you journalist Roula Douglas for keeping us informed with a re-tweet of a call for a demonstration on Thursday, at 11 AM in front of Beirut Justice Palace by Committee of the Families of the victims of the Beirut port blast of August 4, 2020.

SHAME on the governing class of Lebanon and, once again, may God protect Judge Bitar, the hero of both Beirut and Bambi’s heart. He deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, not a spoke in his (legal) wheels or threats to his safety. Beirutis, and especially families of the victims, deserve justice. Lebanon deserves an end to impunity, starting with this criminal negligence. Enough is enough!

When will impunity end? When will justice and respect for the victims and their families prevail?

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