Bambi stands in full solidarity with Dr. Jordan Peterson!

Bambi would like to thank her relative from Ontario who informed us of a True North article with the following shocking, yet not that surprising, title: “Jordan Peterson faces censure by Ontario College of Psychologists over Trudeau tweets” (

Are we in the former Soviet Union or still in Canada? Is Mr. Trudeau or anyone replacing him, from his own party or another one, a modern czar? Why can’t we criticize his policies now? And if we criticize any of our politicians, including our Prime Minister, does it necessarily mean we do not appreciate other good policies or statements or actions?

For Bambi, and likely for many of you reading this post, what is absolutely unacceptable is the continuous use of academia, unions, medical or psychological professional bodies, private enterprises even as tools to perpetuate censorship.

You may not know how to appreciate Dr. Peterson’s high intelligence (and humanity!). You may or may not agree with him on any topic. You may hate him to death even. Yes, your mind and heart may to too blinded by ignorance and hate to be rejoicing for him now maybe… and forgetting his clever title of his interview of Bambi about her saga… “You’re next“.

One thought on “Bambi stands in full solidarity with Dr. Jordan Peterson!”

  1. I agree. The censorial tendencies seem to be going too far in this case, especially when no distinctions are made between different spheres of (public) life, in this case professional conduct and political/cultural commentary.

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