Safe and fun travels: Thanks to Ms. Douglas for her wisdom of the end of the year!

A few nights ago, Bambi did a tour of the news in her birth country concerned about its financial crisis. While doing so, she came across these beautiful lines by her own sister, Ms. Roula Douglas. This author and journalist is full of wisdom. Yes, this is Bambi’s conclusion, regardless of any sibling bias :). Just check one of her latest tweets. The text is in French and you can read Bambi’s translation following it.

“In these last days of the year, I realize that among all the journeys I have made and all the paths I have travelled, the most significant today is the one that leads to me and my inner peace”.

Mind you, in a country of multiple crisis, including a paralyzed political system (yes still no President of the Republic of Lebanon!), this is quite an achievement on behalf of Roula.

Same if you live in other countries of the world, including Canada, with much inflation and loss of purchasing power. Of course, same for yet other countries with extreme poverty and cholera like Haiti, Syria, and Lebanon. And what about countries with raging territorial or civil wars respectively, like Ukraine and Myanmar, or places with cyclic clashes like Armenia-Azerbaijan, Gaza-Israel or Afghanistan. And what to say about countries with ongoing fights for liberty like Iran or some continuation of war like Syria?

Yes, many troubles worldwide. Despite all this, may everyone remain safe and as serene as realistically possible at the end of internal trips like those of Roula.

To end this brief post on a musical note, Bambi would like to offer Roula and the dear readers of her blog, a French-Canadian song she discovered while preparing this post. It is by Ms. Marie-Denise Pelletier and it is entitled “Le voyage intérieur [Interior journey].

Safe travels everyone, both internally and toward 2023 ?!

Allez, bon voyage à tous à la fois à l’intérieur de soi et vers 2023 ?!

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