“Meghle”: a traditional Lebanese desert to celebrate the birth of a baby, including “Baby Jesus” in some families

Welcome to all the babies and… long live “Meghle”!

Have you ever heard of or tasted a Lebanese desert called “Meghle”?

Bambi has two most recent memories of Meghle. The first dates from December 2019 when she visited her family in Beirut. The smell of the delicate flavours of anise, caraway, pistachio, coconut, and rose water woke her up upon her first morning in Lebanon. What a nice way to start a day, isn’t it? Bambi followed the smell to her mom’s kitchen, teasing her by asking if she had given birth to a baby sibling for her :)? Her mom explained that it was for both Baby Jesus and for Bambi’s sister, Roula, who likes this desert. Cool, Bambi thought!

Well, it seems that the recipe is relatively easy. Bambi does not trust her relatives when they say so, including her own spouse who is the king of their/his kitchen. They all say this and they most likely mean it, thanks to them. However, they forget sometimes that nothing is easy for those of us who are among the least talented of the common people :)!

Anyhow talking about ease in the kitchen, Bambi’s second most recent memory of Meghle is related to her cousin Samia from Sydney, Australia! When she visited Montreal, in just a few magical minutes, she prepared Meghle for her niece who was craving this delicious desert. Thankfully, there is something called sharing in life. We all got to taste her masterpiece of Meghle. Mmm!

Cousin Samia’s Meghle: Mmm!
A picture taken by Bambi in Montreal, Canada in September, 2022.
Cousin Samia’s Meghle: Mmm!
A picture taken by Bambi in Montreal, Canada in September, 2022.

Be honest with yourself, please: Are you salivating right now, like Bambi? If so, you may be perhaps interested in reading the Meghle recipe that Bambi found online for you (https://bit.ly/3GkKI48).

Below are brief videos about how to make Meghle in several languages: English, silent (except for the music language) with Arabic sub-titles, Arabic (by the talented Lebanese-American Chef Soha), French, and German.

To conclude this post, “Sahteen“, or Bon Appétit , as they say in Lebanon. “Mabrouk” and welcome to the newborn 🙂 in music with… two songs. The first is a kids’ song in English. The second, you can guess that it is Mr. Ramy Ayash’s Lebanese “Mabrouk” [Congrats!] song :)!

Silent (except or the music language :), English sub-titles

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