Bravo to the Lebanese L’Orient Le Jour for winning the Francophonie Award of the presitigious “Académie Française”!

Bambi learned from a tweet by journalist Roula Azar-Douglas who works with L’Orient Le Jour that the latter won the prestigious Francophonie Award of the Académie Française. Bravo! “Mabrouk”!

Below is the evidence in a tweet, a picture, and a video… of course all in French :).

Following this, Bambi will congratulate L’Orient Le Jour, with its more recent twin English-speaking sister L’Orient Today, with two songs: (1) The first is about the beauty of the French language, obviously in French, by Mr. Yves Duteil; and (2) the other is about heartfelt congrats with the Lebanese-Arabic song “Mabrouk” [ or Congrats] of Mr. Ramy Ayash.

Thank you l’Orient Le Jour for keeping us informed about Lebanon, the Middle East, and about the world, including sometimes fast and accurate news related to us here in New Brunswick and Canada!

Bravo to L’Orient Le Jour!
A picture taken from L’Orient Le Jour.

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