Mr. Malek El Yaman/Mr. Mike Massy with the Bucharest Studio Orchestra/ Mr. Lucas Sakr: Isn’t their song, “Hkeely Ya Binty” [“Tell me, My Daughter”] beautiful?

Bambi enjoyed this musical moment, and the lyrics of this Lebanese-Arabic song. If she may, she would like to share it with you in this post.

The translated lyrics are taken from the YouTube video below:

“Tell me, my daughter,

A bedtime story

Tell me, even if,

You haven’t yet learned your words

Speak to me, without speaking..

A smile on your lips would do it

I would hide it in my heart,

Maybe then, I’d forget about my sorrows

Your broken letters: I guess at them, and laugh

Your awkward words: they’re so sweet,

I understand them the way I want to!

I use them to make up a story,

And I tell it,

And every night I wait for it,

And I fall asleep,

before I get to its ending

I miss all the tales

Of princes and of fairies

Of treasures and of mermaids

On forgotten pages

Bring me all those coloured books

So I can travel back to the age of innocence

And tell me how beautiful this world is

So I can see its beauty

And if, tonight, you don’t feel like talking

At least sing me a lullaby,

with that sweet voice of yours

And let my eyes rest,

To a world of peace.

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