Orient Today: How is a President elected in Lebanon?

Lebanon is just 10,452 square kilometres, or 4,036 square miles, in which about 6 million people live. Tiny country, isn’t it? Yet, it has BIG complications when it comes to electing its President.

Thanks to Orient Today (https://bit.ly/3Vq5N2A) for explaining to Bambi, in just five minutes, how this process usually takes place.

If you are interested, you may wish to watch the following brief French-speaking video, sub-titled in English, which addresses the following issue: “For the fourth time in Lebanon’s history, the country is facing a presidential vacancy. Since the end of Michel Aoun’s mandate on Oct. 31, Lebanese MPs have held six parliamentary sessions to elect his successor, but without success. How does the presidential election work and why is it stalled today? Can Lebanon remain without a head of state for several years, as in 2016? We take a look at the situation, in video“.

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