The anthem of the Iranian revolt: Bravo to the fifty French and Francophone artists for singing Mr. Shervin Hajjipour’s “Baraye” in Farsi!

The clip below was directed by Ms. Marjane Satrapi and the music arranged by Mr. Benjamin Biolay. Bravo to these French/French-speaking artists for their efforts in singing a Farsi song, which became the anthem of the current revolt.

To honour Mr. Shervin Hajjipour and the revolt of the Iranian population, Bambi would like to re-post his original “Barayeh”. This song was taken from an older post shown further below. It is followed by an English adaptation by Ms. Rana Mansour. The link of the latter was kindly shared by Azi yesterday in her comment on Bambi’s post, which also shown at the end of the current one.

Because of his song, the Iranian regime arrested Mr. Hajjipour. He went missing for days. If you are curious about his fate like Bambi has been since her post about him, below you can read Azi’s comment from this morning. She kindly shared with us online information about the end of Mr. Shervin Hajjipour’s ordeal in jail. Thanks Azi!

Azi wrote yesterday night:

from Wikipedia:
“On 29 September 2022 Hajipour was arrested for the song “Baraye”.[23][24][25] He was forced to remove the song from his social media platforms[26] by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’s security agents shortly after his arrest.[27][28] Tasnim News Agency, affiliated to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, posted an edited version of the video clip, with images showing the Islamic republic’s achievements instead of the original ones.[29]

On 4 October 2022, Hajipour was released on bail “so that his case can go through the legal process,” according to Mohammad Karimi, prosecutor of the northern province of Mazandaran.[30][31]

During Hajipour’s arrest many social media users were taking steps to nominate his “Baraye” song to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for the Grammy Awards category “Best Song For Social Change”,[32] which is a new category.[33]”

Bambi replied early this morning:

” MANY thanks Azi for this update!! Bambi worried about him since her last post and sent him positive vibes in her heart. She supports those social media users nominating Hajipour’s “Baraye” song to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for the Grammy Awards Category: Best Song For Social Change!”

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