Bambi’s new discovery: A love song she wants to dedicate to all the courageous Iranian women!

Bambi discovered this Persian song while working yesterday, thanks to her Lebanese-American internet radio. The language (without understanding it) and the music are beautiful. The lyrics are translated into English the video below.

If she may, she would like to offer this love song, with its peaceful melody, to all the INSPIRING Iranian women who have been tirelessly fighting for their freedom of choice in life. Choice of wearing a hijab or not. Choice of being observant or not. They are giving us a life lesson. Are we listening? Specifically the feminists of Canada who have largely remained publicly silent about what is unfolding in this country. We lately heard from our Prime Minister in demonstrations here in Canada. If Mr. Trudeau’s words are sincere, and especially being translated into supportive actions, for the courageous Iranian population, they are more than welcome. Bravo and thanks to him/his government.

May LOVE (like in this song), whether with a small or big L, always have the final word in our world. Yes, a healthy and inspiring love, which is based on the respect for the individual’s human dignity. Talking about love, and to conclude this post, Bambi would like to also dedicate this Evan Band song entitled Aljenab (in Farsi) to the wonderful Salome who is celebrating her birthday today ❤️. May she be having fun now! And how about also offering it to someone else also celebrating today? He will recognize himself :). Plus, time flies, we are already in the busy month of November in which Bambi daily highlights a loved one’s birthday (at times, two on the same day), including her own mom!

2 thoughts on “Bambi’s new discovery: A love song she wants to dedicate to all the courageous Iranian women!”

  1. Thank you dear Bambi for sharing this beautiful song. As you mentioned right now in Iran “all the INSPIRING Iranian women” are “tirelessly fighting for their freedom of choice in life.” It is more than 40 days now and MANY people, from any age and race, have been murdered or prisoned in this fight. The following song is what is very popular these days both among Iranians and internationally.
    Here is the English version of Shervin’s song:

    1. “Merci” (in Farsi, not French) dearest Azi. What an honour to post your comment! Thank you for your powerful message and the moving song! Bambi has goosebumps now ❤️❤️❤️.

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