BBC: Ms. Ettie Higgins “says” UNICEF “has warned of a cholera outbreak for the past year”

Bambi’s heart is deeply sad after reading this BBC article about Lebanon ( Indeed, her birth country has failed itself and its citizens, despite any leftover good intentions, or unknown efforts, to solve its multiple crises.

As per the BBC, Ms. Higgins’s organization, UNICEF, has warned the Lebanese authorities of the risk of a cholera outbreak for the past year. Yes, poor Lebanon was dealing with a Covid-19 pandemic like the entire planet, in addition to the preceding crash of its banking sector under the weight of corruption (and mismanagement of public funds?).

Lebanon has been struggling to rise above its economic tragic situation. Is this an excuse for not preventing problems whether health-related (cholera) or safety-related (Beirut blast)? Bambi is saying this, even if more than once of this blog, she has saluted the Ministry of Public Health work over the past couple of years (regardless of who is in charge of it).

If she may, Bambi would like to echo the thoughtful and powerful words of Mr. Mohamad Akl (a cholera patient cited in the BBC article): “There is a Nobel prize for peace? Lebanon deserves the Nobel prize for failure. All of our politicians are corrupt. It’s no surprise we got to this situation.” To conclude this post, once again, Mawtini [my country] comes to her mind. It is interpreted below by Ms. Talia Lahoud. It is subtitled in English.

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