What would the Pope and some Canadian MPs learn by re-visiting historical literature on the Armenians, the Holocaust, Rwanda, and even the 29 Lebanese civil war massacres?

How sad to see words being emptied of their real meaning again and again.

Why don’t we respect the Indigeneous people/tragedy more by using more precise words? Don’t they/their suffering deserve such linguistic rigour?

A “cultural genocide” is HORRIBLE in itself. Does it need to be made even more horrible by calling it “a genocide“?

And would calling “a cultural genocide” a “genocide” change the SAD reality of systemic assimilation? Most importantly, how will it better serve the Indigeneous cause and bring justice, healing, and concrete solutions (not just words)?

Bambi is writing the above, title and post, after reading a CBC article informing us of the following (https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/house-motion-recognize-genocide-1.6632450): “Members of Parliament gave unanimous consent Thursday in favour of a motion calling on the federal government to recognize Canada’s residential schools as genocide. Leah Gazan, the NDP member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre, introduced the motion following Question Period Thursday afternoon. Gazan brought forward a similar motion in June last year, but it did not receive unanimous consent.”

You may or may not agree with MP Gazan. Bambi does not… and no, she is not encouraging colonization by writing so. She is just asking for linguistic accuracy.

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