Hebron, Palestine: Isn’t it barbaric to decapitate Mr. Ahmad Abu Marhia just because he is gay?

May your memory be eternal, Mr. Ahmad Abu Marhia

Mr. Ahmad Abu Marhia was just 25 years old.

VERY shockingly, Bambi is using the past tense to write about him tonight.

Indeed, he was brutally murdered (i.e., decapitated, dismembered). Guess why? Simply because of his sexual orientation. As reported in the Lebanese, Israeli, and British media, Mr. Abu Marhia was hiding in Israel awaiting to leave the country to Canada, as a refugee in just two months before his death. How sad and how unfair (https://bit.ly/3yq8tnn; https://bit.ly/3SMMO0I; https://bbc.in/3RFscpT)!

The fate of Mr. Abu Marhia speaks volumes about how you are treated by Islamists when you are from a sexual minority (i.e., homosexual). You receive death threats, as reported in the articles cited above. You also risk being killed in the most horrible way like in this tragedy. This when you are not thrown out of a building or sentenced to death in other countries of the region. Yet in some other places of this part of the world, you may be put in jail and even tortured. Furthermore, in some apparently more tolerant countries of the region, you risk being medically examined in the most degrading way possible to the dignity of a human being.

Welcome to the Middle East where 56% of its youth want their countries’ laws to be based on the Shariah (Islamic) law, not on civil/common law, as per the earlier post shown below. After reading this post, do you share Bambi’s concern about the latter?

Regardless of your own opinion, as a reader, or Bambi’s angry thoughts tonight, she would like to pause to honour your memory Ahmad (or Mr. Abu Marhia). She had wished to have you as a fellow citizen and as a forthcoming valuable member of her society. No, she did not want to hear your sad story from a shocked relative and to confirm it now in the media. Our world was so cruel to you, despite the love and support of many individuals, organizations, and countries, including ours (bravo, Canada).

To conclude this post, and if she may, with the utmost respect and with a broken heart, Bambi would like to end this post with Ms. Céline Dion’s Ziggy’s song ❤️ (with English subtitles) as well as with Fairuz’s great Arabic song on love ❤️, which is based on Gibran Khalil Gibran’s Prophet. Who knows? Maybe you used to like Fairuz’ songs Mr. Abu Marhia, like Bamb does? Whether you did or not, one thing is sure, you deserve all the essence of love, which is based on respect, that her beautiful song celebrates. May your soul rest in peace and may your memory be eternal.

2 thoughts on “Hebron, Palestine: Isn’t it barbaric to decapitate Mr. Ahmad Abu Marhia just because he is gay?”

    1. Bambi is speechless… so beautiful. On intolerance and fear of different opinions and different ways of living of others, etc. Thank you, Fatma, for sharing this moving poetry (Arabic content).

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