Mr. Anthony Touma, a Lebanese-French pop artist: Does his “Habibi Ya leil” melody makes you want to move your body? Does his “Waynik Beirut” song move your heart?

Sometimes, we discover new songs or artists when we listen to the radio. Indeed, this post features Bambi’s latest musical discovery before going to sleep.

First, the joyful melody of “Habibi Ya Leil” that Bambi learned about from her internet Lebanese-American radio station appears twice below. The first video shows the song’s lyrics, which are (mostly) in French. In the second video, you can watch Mr. Anthony Touma whose most recent song is about how the people of Lebanon are known for mixing languages in their conversations.

While preparing this post, Bambi got intrigued by this young talented artist. This is how she made another discovery. His “Where are you Beirut” [“Waynik Beirut“?] song moved her heart, especially when she read that he started writing it a couple of weeks following the surrealistic, yet still unaccountable, Beirut port explosion of August 4, 2020. However, it took him 9 months to complete it (while processing his emotions).

Thank you, Mr. Anthony Touma, for your creativity, including your fun song as well as your deeper tribute to Beirut and to the victims of its blast. As your song goes, because of the destroyed “houses without lives“, “we are now afraid to say we love you to death Beirut” [“… Sirna halak min khaf nkoul min mout fiky ya Beirut“]. Bambi is now one of your additional fans in North America. Trust that she will follow your work in the future. As of now, she wishes you all the best in your career!

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