September 11, 2001: May love have the final word in our world…

9/11, 2001: May the memory of all the lost innocent lives be eternal…

One song comes to Bambi’s mind in pausing to remember this sad day. It is a Fairouz’s song, that is actually Gibran Khalil Gibran (1883-1931)’s poetry on love from The Prophet. The poem is publicly available: If you wish, you may read the English text in Bambi’s older post shown further below.

First and foremost, may the memory of all those innocent people who lost their lives be eternal. Wishes of courage and peace of mind to their families and loved ones. Condolences to our dear neighbours of the South border and, by extension, to all of us. Every tragedy in our world is a reminder of that fine line in life between choosing love (… and life) or violence (…and death).

Last but not least, and if Bambi may, she would like to allow herself to leave you with the inspiring words of one of the readers of her blog. Yes Achim, it is you. Thank you again and here is your thoughtful comment to the older post on the theme of love: “Let’s follow Love’s call. A beautiful poem by Khalil Gibran, beautifully sung by Fairuz. Yes, love is joy and laughter, but it is also weeping. It is ecstasy, but also pain and pruning. It’s full of play, but also a serious commitment. It’s a call to growth. It gives you everything you desire, but it comes with a price. To forsake selfishness and to gain your own self, now purified of the chaff and husks, in the sacred fire of Holy Love” (Achim Wollmershäuser, February 16, 2022).

6 thoughts on “September 11, 2001: May love have the final word in our world…”

  1. Everyone remembers 9/11 as a point of time frozen in their minds: so for me 21 years ago it was up getting up early to make a phone call to a friend for her birthday who lived in Ontario, then I turned on the TV and saw REAL LIFE HORROR on the screen… “Come home quick I think they have started WW3!” was the phone call I next made by my husband who was already at work… So what was I watching in Mission BC on TV at that time in the early morning? People jumping out of the World Trade Centre’s to their deaths. Yes, its awful to remember to this day.. but 911 was a terror-psy-op on the people of the world… “Love Everyone, Question Everything, Wage Peace” Lest We Ever Forget 9/11

    1. You are right Sally, we all (those of us older than 21 years) remember the traumatic, and deeply sad for humanity, 9/11 “as a point of time frozen in our minds”. Well expressed. Of course, those of us who want to (still) remember to honour the victims and to say NO to violence toward any/all innocent people, regardless of whom or where they are. No to violence in all its forms and regardless of its sources. Bambi thanks you for sharing your memories, Sally. Again, your concluding words [“Love Everyone, Question Everything, Wage Peace” Lest We Ever Forget 9/11] are moving… As per the title of this post, may love have the final word in our world.

        1. Sad memories today and a tough one on many families. So your deep comment about love takes ALL its meaning today. Danke sehr/Many thanks Achim!

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