In a so-called democracy, why can’t we tell our politicians that we disagree with their policies?

Bambi just read a quick article in le Journal de Québec entitled “Des politiciens dénoncent un attaque verbale contre Chrystia Freeland” [Politicians denounce a verbal attack against Chrystia Freeland] (

With all due respect to Ms. Christia Freeland, why can’t Alberta citizens express their frustration to Canadian politicians? Why can’t our politicians expect that some citizens they will meet will express their dissatisfaction?

Bambi will now allow herself to borrow the comment of one reader; at least in this newspaper, comments are welcome, contrary to the CBC who tries to make a link between “journalists of colour“, “women in politics” and the story of Freeland in Alberta ( Anyhow in her mind, the word “liberals” below can be replaced by any ruling political party at any particular time in history. The issue here is not the name of the party but rather its policies and their impact on peoples’ lives: “The liberals can rot our lives but we have no right to let it be known“.

If Bambi bumps into Ms. Freeland in her town, she will greet her with a smile, warmly welcome her, thank her for her hard work (some is good), but she will express to her her STRONG disagreement with some federal policies, especially the so-called anti-racism (or all the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion blahblahbah). She will also ask about the government either incompetence or malice in using our own tax money to fund radical wokes to teach us about racism when they spent their lives expressing hate against Québeckers and their language, against Jews, against even our Prime Minister and our country. Yes Bambi is referring to the informative article of Mr. Jonathan Kay about Mr. Laith Marouf (

2 thoughts on “In a so-called democracy, why can’t we tell our politicians that we disagree with their policies?”

  1. If I was to come across Chrystia Freeland in person the last thing I would do would be to yell and swear at her …. its just not who Canadians are … sad to see this story reported as it reflects badly on those who dissent… to be driven to such behaviour is beneath us as a people in a great country. What would I see if I met little Chrystia in person? Nothing, I would smile at her and hand her one of my famous business cards. Seems to ward off evil for me and disarm the clowns… if you catch my drift…. ? Most people who are reading your blog are awake and aware enough to realize who is the power behind this ‘puppet’ Freeland — I literally feel sorry for her and her ‘role’ in the sh*tshow we are all witnessing play out. Have a wonderful Sunday — I’m so glad you had a vacation in Lebanon with your family — what a blessing to be able to connect with them xo

    1. Thank you Sally for sharing your insights and for your wisdom regarding whom we are, as Canadians (very good people). Bambi is grateful for your kind words. There is nothing like family in life indeed. Imagine seeing them after three years. Indeed, a blessing always, even in the tragic economic circumstances of Lebanon.

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