Mr. Frédéric François: Like his song, do you care to say I love you to all those you care for?

Is there anything more beautiful in life than love?

She does not know about you, but Bambi learned early in her life to tell people she cares about that she loves them.

Maybe a 15-year-civil war trained her well since back then we could lose our loved ones at any time and anywhere?

Maybe it was rather her immigration at age 17, before the internet era, where it mattered to express love words at the end of a phone call or in a mailed letter that would take an entire month to reach loved ones? Who knows?

Now in middle age, more than ever, she knows that life is too short and that neither her loved ones nor herself are eternal.

At least, human love, through memory and spiritual connections, will transcend death. It is her deep conviction in life, even if she may wrong. It is worth believing it and growing in love. Neither in hate nor in indifference. Rather in humanity and friendship.

Of course, love includes self-respect, self-love, and friendship with oneself. To be able to genuinely love others, we must love ourselves first.

May love in all it forms and expressions, whether just by meaningful acts or in silence, triumph in our world over disrespect, indifference, and over violence.

Now, If some of your loved ones are no longer with you, may their memory be eternal and may it warm your hearts if/while you will listen to the song featured in this post.

To conclude, Bambi promises to stop her personal philosophical insights to share Mr. François’ meaningful song, which is sub-titled in English. Now, if she may, she would like to dedicate it to you dearest Claire to wish you a Happy Birthday and reminds you of how much you are being loved by Bambi et al. ❤️. She will speak for herself now and say that she is blessed to have you in her life. She remains grateful for your incredible support of her blog. Well, if you thought you could get away without a Happy Birthday song, you were wrong on that one, despite all your wisdom :). Check the next song please… it is meant for you and it is in French, of course. Thanks to whomever posted it on Youtube and made it public. It is yours now :)!

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