A sister, not just a childhood friend: Happy Birthday Nayla!

Perhaps the greatest gift inf life is friendship? Bambi is blessed to have received it abundantly. This being said, she is unable to find appropriate words, in any language, to describe her beautiful friendship with Nayla. Even without much to say today, she wants to wish her the happiest birthday possible.

Nayla, Happy birthday! Enjoy being spoiled by your family and friends!

To the above, Bambi will send you her love across the miles while thanking you for being a sister to her, not just a close friend. Thanks for going out of your way to highlight her own birthday from far away ❤️.

Thank you also for having enriched this blog with interviews and deep insights about the Beirut explosion and about Lebanon’s economic crisis respectively, as shown below. Bambi is also grateful for Rony’s thoughtful insights and kind comments.

In Arabic now: “Akbel el Mieh” (100 years and all of happiness)! Have fun!

To conclude this post, with her frog’s voice, it is time for Bambi to sing for Nayla now (sorry, it is a must :)). The first two melodies in French and Arabic respectively are for her birthday. As for the last three songs, they celebrate friendship, all in French and each in its own way. Hope you will enjoy them!

2 thoughts on “A sister, not just a childhood friend: Happy Birthday Nayla!”

  1. Happy Birthday Nayoul ? my lovely wife . And thank you Bambi for being a great friend to her and accompanying our adventure in Canada ! You have been supportive all the way ! So much grateful! Hope to see you soon in Montreal !

    1. Oh love is sooooo beautiful ❤️❤️. Bless you Nayla/Rony :)! Bambi is proud of you! Yes, you made it, bringing your children to safety and to our beautiful Canada! Bravo for enriching Montreal/Québec while appreciating its culture. Thank you for being Bambi’s wonderful friends to her and her spouse! See you asap inchallah :).

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