Isn’t Beirut’s setting sun captured by Rania’s lens beautiful?

Rania, Bambi is guilty of not asking you for the permission to post your beautiful picture on her blog as this post is meant to be a surprise :). Thanks for capturing the magical sunset moment in Beirut and for sharing it with your sister.

As for Beirut, what can we say about this unique place? It is surely full of CHARM but also of contrasts: As you can see, its sunrises and sunsets are two beautiful sides of the same coin of a stunning masterpiece. Its people are beautiful and sweet. Sadly, they have been struggling with their country’s multiple crises. How sad to see their Lebanon moving backward at a scary speed. In addition to a financial crash followed by the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been devastating after-effects of a surrealistic port explosion, which remains unaccountable. As a result, there are unacceptable increasing power outages. The latter are a daily struggle in a tough winter, like the past one, and especially in hot and humid summers, along the coast.

To conclude this post, Bambi will say the following: bravo Rania for your talent and thank you Beirut for remaining beautiful. If she may, Bambi would like to offer Lebanon’s capital two songs: The first one in Arabic, subtitled in English, by the talented Mr. Ragheb Alama. As for the second French one, it is by the great Mr. Enrico Macias.

A picture taken by Rania from the rooftop of the Bayview Hotel (Beirut, Lebanom).

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