Mr. Wael Kfoury’s “Kilna Minjar” [“we all get pulled”] song: Beautiful lyrics… and what a great singer!

Mr. Wael Kfoury is a Lebanese artist filled with talent. He is a songwriter, musician, singer, and even actor (

Below you can find a quick English translation of his Lebanese-Arabic song entitled “Kilna Mninjar” [We all get pulled], which Bambi loves, especially the first sentence. The latter reminds us that we are all human. Yes, a hardship can bring out the worst of human nature in anyone of us. However, the good piece of news is that it can also bring the best of human nature… Thank Goodness.

This being said, thanks/bravo to Mr. Kfoury for his great talent, beautiful voice, and inspiring career!

“We all get pulled. We start walking on a path, which starts good and turns evil (2)

And you are free

This life is very alluring

Our planet keeps spinning

And you want us to walk straight?

An to ignore the truth?

Do you want to hear the truth?

People hate hearing the word “No”

This world turned upside down

What is forbidden is what we desire the most

The difference between what is right and wrong is getting smaller

If you want a lot from something

Don’t reveal your love for it

What you want the most

Ignore it the most”.

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