To what extent are our unions still relevant?

On this May 1st, the International Workers’ Day, Bambi cannot help but to wonder if, and to what extent, our unions are still relevant?

How could they still be relevant in our collectively insane times?

To begin with, let’s stop and think of the head of the elite (woke) pyramid in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The latter and his cabinet have sometimes good policies/programs. However, with the truck convoy, Mr. Trudeau failed not only the truckers and farmers, but also all of us. Indeed, he refused to listen to them. He even made fun of them. The icing on the cake was that he declared the unjustified Emergencies Act. In other terms, he did not prevent – or perhaps even endorsed – the arrest and/or de-funding of those peaceful demonstrators by our banks and even by an American company like GoFundMe, just because they drove from all over Canada to demonstrate in our national capital.

Was this demonstration the most optimal one with its horns sounding and parties on the streets? Many Ottawa residents Bambi spoke to reported not being bothered at all; some even supported the movement. They also denounced some restrictive, and not too efficient, public health measures. Of course, some other residents may have had migraines. Bambi feels for them. Yet others, including some of Bambi’s dear friends, acted as counter-protesters.

Related to Mr. Trudeau’s attitude, Bambi was also disappointed by the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP). The latter has betrayed its historic mission, as a Left-wing party, that cares for and defends the rights of the working class. This party, at least under the leadership of Mr. Singh (political ally of Mr. Trudeau) is also into woke elitism. How sad.

Thus, given all the above and once again, to what extent are our unions at large still relevant? In other terms, do they still know how to defend the rights of ALL their members, including the “non-woke” ones? If we take the example of university unions, many cases of attacks on academic freedom sadly make us question the relevance of unions. A famous example is Dr. Frances Widdowson’s shocking case, briefly described in her fundraising campaign ( Best of luck to her in “her” battle (“her” means “our battle all of us”).

Last but not least, a related question, which is valid across cases of attacks on academic freedom, involves the mindset underlying woke ideologies: Why do our unions at large embrace international ideological causes that have nothing to do with the employees’ working conditions (e.g., BLM, etc.)?

To conclude this post, why do our politicians, journalists, and institutions’ administrations and unions only seem to care for the point of view of the radical left-elite that fell into the trap of woke (i.e., sectarian) ideologies? Why are we tolerating discrimination against non-woke individuals instead of accepting that they are simply part of an institution or of society, even if they were truly “a fringe minority” of it, to borrow Mr. Trudeau’s own famous words?  

5 thoughts on “To what extent are our unions still relevant?”

  1. I think that most unions are only functional in fighting for workers within specific companies, and when the government steps in there isn’t much you can do. Collective action cannot work against an authoritarian state with the backing that our government has. Public sector unions in my opinion through their behaviour have revealed themselves to be simply another tentacle of the leftist elite, only protesting when the government is conservative.

    Basically, most unions are no longer unions. They nominally support the worker but actually support the oppression of the worker, that’s why all the LGBT and BLM crap is all they talk about now.

  2. Thank you so much Bambi for publicizing my case. With independent legal advice and research assistance, stronger arguments for academic freedom and freedom of expression can be made. I will fight the monster of woke-ism to end. Regards, Frances

    1. Wow! Bambi is honoured and thanks you Frances (Dr. Widdowson) for your comment. Bravo to you and best wishes!

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