Happy Eid from Bambi to ALL her family and friends in Germany, Romania, Canada, Lebanon, and… everywhere!

The sunshine of love and peace is the best friend of the moon of spirituality and goodness!

Ramadan has been tough in Lebanon this year. However, Eid is here, even if it does not feel like a “eid” or feast. It is still a blessed and hopeful Eid.

May Eid el Fitr, which highlights the end of the Ramadan holy month, bring family and friends together. May the Eid bring love and unity among people and nations. May this Eid also rhythm with the generosity of the hearts and peace of the mind for all.

Most importantly, may everyone be safe, sound, and… merry.

To be optimally merry, one needs music. How about “La fête” [The party] by Mr. Michel Fugain and “Yalla Nifrah” [Let’s rejoice] of Mr. Hisham el Hajj? Bambi would like to offer these two songs to all those celebrating el Eid… with much love ❤️!

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