Mr. Marc Hatem: Isn’t his voice beautiful?

Especially coming out a country that has failed its citizens (, it is always refreshing to hear the beautiful voices and music of talented artists.

Collectively, the moving voices of Lebanese artists remind Bambi that her historically pluralistic birth country, even when destroyed or paralyzed by sectarianism, is MUCH broader AND richer than any ruling mafia (or militia) bankrupting it. It is also hopefully more resistant to any external force, regardless of the source, wanting a piece of it, indifferent to it, or even engaged in sacrificing or selling it.

With such thoughts in mind, in the middle of the critical times Lebanon is going through, Bambi recently discovered the talent of Mr. Marc Hatem. If she may, she would like to share with you some of his performances in English, French, and Arabic.

Thank you Mr. Marc Hatem. Bravo… and please keep singing!

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