Woke political aspirations: Should Mr. Balarama Holness move from Québec to New Brunswick?

First, who is Mr. Balarama Holness, for those who do not know him from neither the world of football nor the political Montreal municipal circles?

To answer the question above, here is Mr. Holness own promotional website: https://www.balaramaholness.com/

Now, you may wonder why is Bambi asking the same question raised by a sarcastic yet lucid journalist from Québec, Ms. Sophie Durocher?

Well, Mr. Holness recently created a new provincial party (not just municipal!). At first, he wanted his city Montreal (a metropole of Québec) to become bilingual. Now, his ambitions are wider: He seems to want the same for his province, imagine.

One one hand, Mr. Holness seems to prefer politics to football and, who knows, he may be as or even more talented in the former than the latter. Good luck to him in all his projects, including his politics that Bambi does not agree with.

On the other hand, he seems to think or wants us to think that he is defending the rights of anglophones. In reality, and according to Bambi’s humble opinion, his ideas are rooted in wokeism. The latter is incompatible with Québec as it is potentially destructive in the very long-term to the existence of his province: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/balarama-holness-creates-new-provincial-political-party-1.6424816. Why is Bambi saying so? She will explain her thoughts below.

Mr. Holness seems to have “regressive” ideas and aspirations for his province. He seems to want it to become bilingual. As a reminder, New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province in Canada. This is fantastic for our province. However, Québec is not New Brunswick. As a reminder to Mr. Holness and all the woke forces in our country and in the world, Québec’s healthy nationalism is admirable because it has succeeded in moving from an ethno-religious nationalism to a language-based nationalism. Re-moving it back to an ethno- or identity-based nationalism is clearly a step backward in humanity and in Québec’s vision for its existence.

Indeed, languages are inclusive. Languages assemble people. Languages build bridge between people. They do not divide them. In other terms, a language is not sectarian, contrary to wokeism. Sadly, the latter seems to be obsessed with one aspect of an identity (race, gender, religion, etc.) and it aspires to impose it on all the others.

So, should Mr. Holness move to our beautiful New Brunswick, if he is so attached to bilingualism, as Ms. Sophie Durocher suggested? Well, Bambi’s answer is yes and welcome :). He would be much needed in our province if he sincerely pushes for the protection of the French language/culture and keeps our bilingualism vivid for real, not just on papers.

To conclude this post on a musical note, if she may, Bambi would like to offer Mr. Holness a song about the beauty of the French language.

One thought on “Woke political aspirations: Should Mr. Balarama Holness move from Québec to New Brunswick?”

  1. So anyone who promotes English in Kebekistan must be exiled to New Brunswick? Sort of the reverse of Premier Dick Hatfield? Actually, Mr. Balarama Holness is a refreshing breath of fresh air who shows courage and ingenuity for transitioning to a career of politics after that of football. We need people like him after the language policies of the past 50 or 60 years have pushed so many quality people to flee across North America and beyond.

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