“Au revoir” Mr. Guy Lafleur…

Au revoir et merci Monsieur Lafleur…

Bambi woke up this morning to this sad news from Québec (https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/guy-lafleur-death-reaction-1.6427532).

Mr. Lafleur is a Canadian and Québecker hockey legend.

A legend does not die. A legend will forever remain in the history of his nation.

Thank you, Mr. Lafleur and good-bye… Count on Bambi to remember ALL the GREAT TV (hockey or show interviews) and street moments.

She will also remember her mom’s teasing moments when she used to predict that her youngest daughter will fall in love with a guy from Québec… and his name will be “Lafleur“. Well, she was right… except for the last name :). The bottom line of this mother-daughter funny story is that, like her fellow Montreallers of the time, Bambi’s mom has been impressed and inspired by Mr. Lafleur. In addition, she liked his beautiful French-Canadian family name. Indeed, is there anything more beautiful in life than a flower?

In the end, even beautiful flowers have a short life. They fade. They die. However, the memory of their beauty, good smell, and nice touch transcends their death. Same for legendary humans, like Mr. Lafleur: Their achievements transcend death and time.

May Mr. Lafleur’s memory be eternal. May he keep inspiring younger generations postmortem… and may peace find its way to the hearts of his family members, close friends, and fans.

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