A medley of songs to celebrate friendship!

Our friends are like a ray of sunshine in our lives… and vice versa.

We may sometimes end friendships in life.

Alternatively, friendship could slowly but surely fade out of existence.

The good news is that we may make new friends at any stage of life.

However, perhaps most importantly (even if it may be rare), we are blessed to have childhood friendships that can last a lifetime.

Many beautiful poems, songs, and sayings have been written on friendships in all languages.

For instance, from an older post, Bambi learned that Mr. Richard Wagner reflected on friendship as follows (English follows the French):

«Quelle noblesse d’avoir un ami, mais combien plus noble d’être un ami».

“How noble to have a friend, but how much more noble to be a friend”.

Bambi’s older post, from March 26, 2020, was entitled “Why don’t I be a good “friend” to myself, especially in a pandemic?”.

The two-year old post, mentioned above and shown below, was inspired by a guest (a deer!) in Bambi’s backyard. The current post that Bambi started preparing yesterday night, is also inspired by the theme of friendship. Well, what a coincidence! Guess what happened to Bambi early this morning? She bumped into another (or the same?) “deer” friend in their garden-backyard :). This friendly encounter was magical: it made her day!

Anyhow, regardless of any wild animal in your garden or pet in your house, Bambi hopes you are a good “friend” to yourself before being or becoming a friend for others.

Like any type of relationship, whether personal or professional, friendships take ONE basic (simple and free-of-charge) underlying ingredient, called respect. Without the latter, friendships lack the potential for growth.

To summarize and conclude, in Bambi’s mind, self-respect comes first. It is a must to truly respect/love oneself… and then others. This being said, she will stop here to let the following few songs remind us of the beauty of friendship. Long live friendship! Vive l’amitié!

You’ve got a friend: Thank you Ms. Céline Dion, Ms. Gloria Estefan, Ms. Shania Twain,
and Ms. Carole King.If she may, Bambi would like to offer this song to one
of her friends who happens to appreciate it.
Mr. Nicola Ciccone’s amazing song, entitled “Un ami” reminds us of
how friends stay when everything else can go or be lost in life.
“L’amitié” by Mr. Bernard Sauvat: Bambi loves this song that she offered it in older
posts to her friends Maya and Brittany.
The talented Mr. François Lachance and his moving song entitled “Je suis là” [“I am here“].
Be my friend” in standard Arabic by the inspiring Ms. Majida el Roumy
The great song “Mon ami, mon Judas” of the late and unique Mr. Charles Aznavour.
L’amitié” is indeed the most beautiful season in life… Thanks to the
most talented Ms. Isabelle Boulay.
La femme de mon ami“: In this beautiful song, Mr. Enrico Macias‘ heart is torn between friendship
(i.e., his friend) and love (i.e., his friend’s wife).
Le Petit Prince’s J’ai dans le coeur (subtitled in English): Bambi would like to offer
this heart-moving musical piece to her sister Roula who loves genuine words.

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