Happy Easter from Bambi and her friend Little Bunny!

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, whether your Easter is today OR next Sunday (i.e., the Orthodox Christian one), Happy Easter to you!

If you happen to believe in the deep meaning of Easter, Little Bunny and Bambi will come together to greet you, in a Lebanese traditional style, by saying in Arabic “El Massih Kam” [Christ is risen]! The joyful reply to this greeting is supposed to be: “Hakan Kam” [Truly risen] :)!

To continue on a more serious musical note, here is Fairouz singing, or rather praying, the El Massih Kam hymn in Arabic with some Greek. Regardless of any faith in the resurrection or not, it may be moving for some, including Bambi, to listen to byzantine chants because: (1) they are a treat to the ears; and (2) they may be associated with wonderful childhood memories, despite the adversity of civil war.

This being said, to conclude and if she may, Bambi would like to offer this joyful song, which is an Easter Greek Orthodox/Catholic hymn, to Aline, Amale, Mary, Chaitali, Jean, Leila, Mirella, Nayla, Rony, Achim, Charbel, Alexis, Evan, Spencer, Felix (Dr. Baerlocher), and Bloo, as well as her cousin Paul, if they happen to read this post :). Enjoy Fairouz’ unique voice!

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