Congrats-Mabrouk to Ms. Sandra Succar, Lebanon’s World Champion in Mixed Martial Arts!

A picture of Ms. Sandra Succar taken from the internet. Congratulations to her!

Bambi would like to begin by thanking her friends Nadim and Hala for sharing the wonderful news. She is also grateful for her sister Roula for sharing the video below on her Twitter account. This being said, bravo to the talented Ms. Sandra Succar, the 23-year-old Lebanese athlete in Mixed Martial Arts (MMM): She offered her country a World Championship. Mabrouk to the Champion of the Land of the Cedars!!!

Below you can listen to Ms. Succar in English (with her moving words about her country that is going through very dark days!). She also shares her winning strategy. Isn’t it refreshing and sweet (like this athlete’s family name) to finally hear joyful news from Lebanon?

Think of it. The athletes of Lebanon are totally on their own: No public support, no gas to drive to their training places, no power to have electricity while training or resting at home, no energy to heat their place (this winter and spring have been very cold), perhaps little or no food in their fridge… and if they have access to all the latter, it is HIGHLY expensive (due to hyperinflation). Yet, they work hard and dream big!

Likely because of all the above, Bambi had tears in her eyes when she listened to the Lebanese National Anthem (segment on the radio). Bravo and thanks again Ms. Sandra Succar!

To conclude this post, Bambi will offer “our” Champion two songs: (1) The National anthem of her country– kids’ style, subtitled in English and (2). Mr. Ramy Ayach’s Mabrouk [Congrats] song :)!

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