A surprise to Roula: Happy Birthday dear sister!

Happy Birthday (“Akbel el Mieh”) to Bambi’s sister!

Bambi is blessed in life. She has two wonderful sisters, not just one. She misses them both so much… beyond words.

One of Bambi’s sisters, the eldest, is celebrating her birthday today.

Happy birthday, “ma grande” et… “mon amie, pas juste ma soeur” :). May you have a wonderful day!

Roula, your birthday comes two days after International Women’s Day. This is a beautiful coincidence for a talented woman who has excelled in her advocacy for women’s rights not just in Lebanon, but also in the Arab world (via the UN and other international leadership agencies where you have mentored talented men and women (like you, trying to make our world a better place). Thank you for all that you do. Please keep up the inspiring work!

To conclude this post on a musical note, here are a few songs for you from Bambi… with love ❤️!

Thanks to the generous person who made this personalized birthday wishes public on YouTube 🙂
A moving French song about sisters (Duo: Grand corps malade & Véronique Sanson)
This is a song of the Lebanese diva Sabah. Bambi had fun posting its translation into English on her blog in an older post about Mr. Mike Massy

The joyful yet deep lyrics of the song about the feast’s sun, shown above, can be summarized as follows: “Be happy today, not tomorrow (as it is far away)”. Thanks to Ms. Elissa for her nice version!

Tomorrow the feast’s sun will rise

With the promise of a new day

Live today

Love today

Today is here… Tomorrow is far away

If life feels like all wounds

Your tears won’t do you any good

Let the sad song

Sing in your feast’s evening

Don’t let the days slip away

Slip away from your hands

Live today… Love today

Today is here… Tomorrow is far away

Don’t blame the garden’s flowers

It’s not their fault their thorns are big

And thank your God, human

For he has made you see those thorns

Flowers are picked up in April

Flowers don’t last a day

Like flowers live the day

Today is here… Tomorrow is far away”.

Mr. Julio Iglesias’ old and famous song meant for women
Mr. Hisham El Jajj’s “Yalla Nifrah” [Let’s rejoice] song is a must today :). May Roula have fun today!

6 thoughts on “A surprise to Roula: Happy Birthday dear sister!”

  1. Bambi’s sister is also a deer? I had no idea. It must be something to see you amid a whole herd of sisters and cousines whose names all rhyme with Roula like Voula, Frutella, Praxoula, you get the joke.

    Bonne Fête / Happy Birthday Roula!

    1. Too funny— yes she is a “dear deer” ? :). She will smile to your comment and Bambi says “poly” thanks! All these names are beautiful to her ears.

    1. Ohhh— thank you dearest Nalida for your sweet words and lovely flowers :). Roula will appreciate them! ???

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