Did you know that Mr. Alexander Graham Bell was born on a March 3rd?

Thank you Mr. Graham Bell!

Exactly like today, specifically on March third 1847, one the GREATEST inventors of the world (i.e., late 19th century) was born: Thank you Mr. (Alexander) Graham Bell for having invented the telephone!

Indeed, a scientist and and engineer (1847-1922), Mr. Bell invented and obtained a patent for the first “practical” telephone. Clearly, his invention has revolutionized our world (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Graham_Bell)!

May Mr. Bell’s memory be eternal… If you are interested, you can read his inspiring biography here: https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/alexander-graham-bell

This being said, Bambi would like to express her gratitude to Mr. Bell (and to his partners and the inventors who followed him). His invention has allowed her to: (1) communicate with her loved ones, across Canada and around the world; and (2) enjoy so many productive work-related phone meetings.

To honour Mr. Bell’s memory, Bambi would like to share a few songs, which have a phone as an underlying theme. Some of these songs are happily romantic. Others are less joyful yet beautiful.

Let’s start with Ms. Isabelle Boulay singing Mr. Claude François’ famous international French song “Le Téléphone pleure” (subtitled in English and Spanish).

Second, how about listening to Mr. Claude François (himself!) singing the same song in the language of Shakespeare?

Third, how about a romantic phone-related Arabic song now? This joyful Lebanese melody reminds Bambi of her childhood. It is about two lovers enjoying their phone chat (i.e., actor Abdel Majid Majzoub and actress Hind Abi Lamaa)!

Readers of this post who may be of Bambi’s generation (+ or -) while coming from the same place of birth may be smiling now :). Yes, they will likely guess that this song is from an old TV show (or soap opera). Thanks to Mr. Elias Rahbani and Mr. Ghassan Salem for allowing us to remember “Allo Hayati” and smile to the beauty of love ❤️.

To conclude this post, Bambi cannot help not to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the wonderful Ms. Whitney Houston who sadly left our world too soon. Here is her eternal voice singing “Call you tonight” and… may her memory be eternal!

Thanks Mr. Bell for having invented the telephone!

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