6 thoughts on “Wion: “Justin Trudeau invokes emergency powers, rules out military””

  1. Keep calm….
    there’s always a silver lining to these things right?
    God has a plan and it will be revealed soon enough
    … and as always it includes peace and love [as you well know my good woman!].
    Politicians rent way too much space in our heads these days….
    love to all the readers and have a lovely Friday – its great to see the snow disappearing in Tantramarshire!

    1. This is definitely not the Canada Bambi immigrated to 32 years ago :(… Thanks for sharing (it is both shocking and unacceptable). The hypocrisy of our politicians is without limit. Today the PM/his office celebrated Canada national flag day. There is also an official statement (Bambi regularly reads these and reads his tweets). One of his tweets of today is about how our flag unites us and ensures our freedom (among other empty words like diversity, etc.). Perhaps this is why it is still at half-mast in federal institutions because, may God forbid, it can unite us.

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