Why are our Canadian politicians so irresponsible and dishonest?

The tweet by the politician above is in great contradiction with the wisdom of the words of Mr. BJ Dichter, Spokesperson for the Freedom Convoy, interviewed by Dr. Gaad Saad.

We may agree or not with this movement. We may agree or not with Mr. Dichter, but who makes more sense? An articulate man defending ideas or a politician saying the above absurd and false clichés with such a conviction and no room for any debate?

Do our politicians think we are stupid to blindly believe them?

Bambi is saying the above because she was on her way to Amherst the day truckers left from NS and NB to Ottawa. She stopped at the Big Stop on her way and she expressed her support to them in the -35 degrees celsius (she did so on the same day she got her booster). She is with massive vaccination, through education, yet she is against mandates of vaccines and other authoritarian yet not efficient political measures.

This is why she salutes flexible and wiser politicians, like Mr. Legault who was humble enough to recently drop his idea of taxing the unvaccinated.

To conclude this post, Bambi wonders what Mr. Singh has to say about the visible minority of Arabs, including Muslims, and Jews of Sackville who supported the truckers in Au Lac exist the other day :)?

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