Québec: Does this punitive “public health” measure make sense to you, whether you are vaccinated or not and/or boosted or not?

Bambi is curious to hear from you. Please share your opinion.

As far as she is concerned, her first thoughts are the following: This measure is ONLY meant to be punitive. It does not seem to be concerned with infection. It is actually putting at least one employee of the store at risk by closely walking with and monitoring the “unvaccinated” customer. Plus, why are we turning store employees into cops?

11 thoughts on “Québec: Does this punitive “public health” measure make sense to you, whether you are vaccinated or not and/or boosted or not?”

  1. Genuinely don’t believe that it’s about COVID, it’s a plain power grab. They’re testing the limits of their power, how far they can go without a revolt, and Canadians are much too willing to submit to their bureaucrat overlords.

    1. An interesting comment. Definitely food for thought for those of us who still want to think, despite fear or grief, etc. Thank you Bloo (always nice to post your comments and to know that you do read this blog even when silent).

        1. Bambi SO much appreciates your support (more than you think). Here is a flower from her to thank you for your kindness ?!

  2. Blamed if you do, blamed if you don’t.

    Yesterday, at the hospital where I work, a man had two lungs transplanted to replace his own, destroyed by COVID. Long discussions have taken place between surgeons to determine if this imbecile, unvaccinated, deserves to be saved while others have their surgery postponed because of selfish people who refuse to be vaccinated like children in need of attention.

    So, please, dear armchair quarterback, your juvenile spiels, tell them to the nurses who kill themselves at work to save unvaccinated simpletons who think they are knights of freedom.

    Blamed if you do, blamed if you don’t.

    1. Many thanks Frédéric for sharing this SAD story. Your insights will enrich the comments’ section of this blog/Food for thought (especially your “Blamed if you do, blamed if you don’t”). Bambi’s heart goes to all the patients in need of medical assistance and especially to the healthcare providers who are killing themselves to serve them from the best of their capacity!

    2. How about people with lungs destroyed by smoking? I guess they don’t deserve care either in your eyes? I guess you are righteous and saintly as opposed to mere mortals. Interestingly, judgemental attitudes of your kind have been noted, not always kindly, in ancient literature and religious tomes. Some things never change, eh?

    3. Also, may I kindly remind your highness that postponement of surgery is a policy decision, one out of various reasonable alternatives. Any negative consequence as a result is the responsibility of administrative authorities involved.

  3. Yuck. To even come up with something like that is the sign of a diseased mind.

    Legault, it turns out, is no better than Trudeau. Maybe worse.

    For a society to tolerate this kind of restriction speaks volumes about it, as well.

    To anyone who thinks that this is a good idea, wait until they decide to “enforce” your doing (or not doing) something that *you* care about in the same way. Once this kind of taboo is broken, it takes generations to heal and re-form it.

    Government is much worse than the virus.

    1. Bambi posted your comment Louis as it is food for thought. She posted it, even if she usually likes Mr. Legault (a pragmatic politician). However, recently, she admits that she is not much impressed, like you. This is particularly the case because, with all due respect to Mr. Trudeau (who has his good side too), Mr. Legault is MUCH wiser (this is not just due to the age difference…).

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