Mr. Mike Massy: “Tomorrow the feast’s sun will rise” [“Boukra btechrok shamsel id”]

Bambi just discovered that, in 2011, Mr. Mike Massy ( paid tribute to the great Lebanese singer Sabah ( who died in 2014… May her memory be eternal.

First, please find the meaningful and joyful lyrics of Sabah’s famous song that can be summarized as follows: “Be happy today, not tomorrow (as it is far away)”:

Tomorrow the feast’s sun will rise

With the promise of a new day

Live today

Love today

Today is here… Tomorrow is far away

If life feels like all wounds

Your tears won’t do you any good

Let the sad song

Sing in your feast’s evening

Don’t let the days slip away

Slip away from your hands

Live today… Love today

Today is here… Tomorrow is far away

Don’t blame the garden’s flowers

It’s not their fault their thorns are big

And thank your God, human

For he has made you see those thorns

Flowers are picked up in April

Flowers don’t last a day

Like flowers live the day

Today is here… Tomorrow is far away”.

Second, a big thanks to Mr. Mike Massy for his BEAUTIFUL adaptation and interpretation of “Boukra btechrok shamsel id”.

To conclude this post on a note of hope for all, may the feast’s sun rise on everyone’s respective daily life, regardless of any dark circumstances!

Thank you, Mr. Mike Massy!

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